Re: gnome shell (zeitgeist integration)mockups

On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 4:16 PM, dani <daniplanas a gmail com> wrote:
one of the most interesting things gnome shell is the ability to
integrate with the striking new metadata engine zeitgeist.
I made some mockups of ideas that could be functional
hope you like.

this is actual zeitgeist gui:


-This is the orderly appearance of the documents in the active mode...

Mockup 2

-a restraint that you go using the computer current elements overlap
with the oldest

Mocup 3

-once deployed the menu you can use all the power of zeitgeist to find
what you want in the time


That's exactly how I'd expect the recent documents pane to work!! I hope some of the developers  find the time to code the Zeitgeist part of this mockup (zeitgeist api should be stable now, isn't it?). To spare code and efforts, the "expanded" version could just be the default Gnome-Activity-Journal ui, so that there'ld be no need to duplicate its code inside the Shell...

Gianluca Inverso

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