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On 01/06/2010 01:06 PM, Rovanion Luckey wrote:
Why is C# trough mono considered a slower language in comparison to any other JIT-compiled or interpreted language?

2010/1/6 Ryan Peters <sloshy45 sbcglobal net>
On 01/06/2010 04:05 AM, David Hamm wrote:
For Your Viewing Pleasure.
*note new xcf is missing a lot of stuff from the original draft, this makes me sad but I'm to lazy to add it now. *glances at watch*
I'm kinda skeptical the dock will make it in :*(, however if shell looks similar to this it might be hard to say no. Firefox also looks ugly atm
I'm sure there are other kinks that could be worked out... would be nice to know what-cha think ?

Background Picture is by Pixel F**Kers not sure where exactly I got it...its also in the xcf clean. *I can remove it if necessary or if there is a link it would be nice to know. I also have more of the backgrounds like it if people like

ps. Some stuff not noted in pictures, dragging window to top maximizes, and there is no minimize, rather closing the application is like android and its kept idle waiting for you unless you forget about it.

Top right Icon also indicates whether signed into some on-line chat application. Orange away, clear off-line, Grey invisible ect...

Some music while your looking...
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This is very, very interesting! Having maximized windows work like tabs is a very nice idea, but if they did, how would we deal with the menu bars at the top? Would that become part of the tab, or stay on the application?

The gnome-do-like part seems nice, but would it be a good idea if it was written from scratch or ported to C/C++ for this implementation? I like gnome-do, but C#/Mono is just too slow/memory hogging for many people.

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Because, last time I checked, C#/Mono is historically slower than other languages. Open up Banshee and compare it to Rhythmbox or Exaile, for instance. The latter are definitely faster and use less memory IIRC. Saying all languages are the same is like saying all computers are the same, or all video game consoles are the same, or all headphones are the same. Each one has different strengths and weaknesses. In C#'s case, it happens to be rapid application development; as a trade-off, the finished code is usually slower and more memory-hogging than other languages. For C/C++, the code is usually faster, but takes longer to type or run. Python, another good example, is easier to use and doubles as a good scripting language, but, again, some people say it's slower and uses more memory than C/C++. Mono-using applications have, for me, been generally slower and bulkier than other applications. Using AWN 0.4 over Docky, for example, is a huge difference in speed (for me, at least), and thus I prefer to use it.

Also, not to sound language-aphobic, but C#/Mono is all Microsoft (and Novell) owned, and they happen to be the Embrace, Extend, Extinguish crowd; of course they want you to use their language (and don't even get me started on silverlight).

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