Re: a note on application-based window-management behavior

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 10:30 PM, Jud Craft <craftjml gmail com> wrote:

1.  Consistently defining the "open a new window action" [some apps
open tabs, some Apps only have one unique window, some open a
completely new instance, etc.]

This is a problem, yes.  Probably need a new .desktop file key.
2.  Integrating application tasks into the environment (possible
solutions:  an "application menu" of common tasks ala Shell's intended
plan, or global menu bar via OS X/gnome-global-menu)

This one is harder, but if we had it could be a solution for #1.
3.  Application-based window management actions (closing all windows,
hiding the application, etc).

Quit will go in the application menu at the top.

So, closing the last Brasero window means that opening a new one
requires re-launching the App,

I don't think we can make this change, or at least, it's far from that simple.  We already have the problem where the desktop gives you no feedback if you have too many applications running, if we start keeping them around after you click close it'd be even worse.   

Another issue is that some applications are going to be treating close as "stop working", e.g. burning a CD, playing music; if we just hide the window and the application isn't expecting this it'll just keep on working, which is not likely what people expect.

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