Re: Favourite applications well debugging question.

For what it's worth, the apps that won't drag from current running to
favourites show up as having smaller icons.

examples of apps that aren't dragging: gvim, most kde apps.


PS - A status update would be great when this code has settled down,
so I can check whether it a general issue or an issue specific to my

2009/9/23 Bennet Gedan <bennet gedan akasol de>:
> Hi Lex,
>> Currently only a small applications can be successfully dragged to the
>> favourites well.
>> Is this a known limitation?
>> e.g. I successfully dragged google-chrome and gnome-terminal to
>> favourites well. I can't drag konsole, dolphin, thunar, etc.
> Can't second this. Every application dropped to the favourites
> location gets "sticky". I have one problem though: I can't find a way
> to remove a favourite application. Dragging them away to blank space
> does not work, right clicking does not offer any context menu. Am I
> missing anything obvious?
>> If not, what info can I provide to help debug the problem.
> Did you d&d from the applications menu or from the search results? For
> the latter I haven't found any solution at all, to create favourite
> applications from search results (this might not have been implemented
> yet).
> Best regards
> Bennet

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