Re: Some questions about drag-and-drop

Colin wrote:
On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 4:00 PM, Joseph Scheuhammer <clown utoronto ca> wrote:
> Dragging only works when in overview mode.  When in normal mode, any click
> ...

This is a function of shell_global_set_stagef_input_mode.  In normal
mode, clicks outside of the chrome (the top panel) aren't processed by

Ah, I see. So, normally, nothing on the stage but the chrome is reactive, right? And, my trying to make a BigBox movable is possibly misguided.

What are you working on?  Being able to drag something from the panel?

I'm working on adding magnification to gnome-shell. The thought is that gnome-shell is a good location to replace the current gnome-mag accessibility feature -- see

The box that I experimented dragging around contains a clone of most of the UI aspects of the stage including the window group, the chrome, and the overlay, but magnified. It's not clear to me whether end users would want to move this magnified view around; but for development purposes, it would be useful. At the moment, this view is stuck and obscures whatever is below it.


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