Re: Some questions about drag-and-drop

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 4:00 PM, Joseph Scheuhammer <clown utoronto ca> wrote:
> Dragging only works when in overview mode.  When in normal mode, any click
> on the box passes through it to whatever is underneath.  It's as if the
> click is not intercepted by the box itself.  Is making it "reactive" not
> enough?

This is a function of shell_global_set_stage_input_mode.  In normal
mode, clicks outside of the chrome (the top panel) aren't processed by

> In the case at hand, is the box.  That box doesn't have a
> _delegate property.  Should it?  If so, how is the _delegate added?  What
> kind of object is a delegate?

Yeah, you say " = this;" to set up a reverse link.

What are you working on?  Being able to drag something from the panel?

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