raindrop messaging integration

Hey -

We just announced the release of Raindrop [1] a new messaging system we've been working on for a little while now. I'm announcing to this list because I think Raindrop could provide a lot of value to gnome-shell as many of the design goals are similar. It's likely best to read the introduction blog entry [2] and look over the limited code documentation [3] if you're interested but I'll give the 30 second run down here.

Raindrop is being designed as a message system specifically for how people communicate in today's web environment; i.e. email, mailing lists, twitter, etc. The system itself is a CouchDB daemon service that knows how to pull down your email and twitter (process and index them) and then can serve them back as JSON objects. Raindrop includes a built in messaging web application that also gets served from the same place, you'll see demos of it in the videos.

We only had the chance to do a couple iterations and are working to develop some real web apis [4] which could be useful for integration of contacts, messages, and other data Raindrop provides.

I'm not suggesting that gnome-shell pulls in Raindrop today and starts using it, we are definitely not ready for that. I am hoping that gnome-shell people will find Raindrop interesting and that we can start looking at how we could work with each if it makes sense.

Let me know if there are questions. I still can't seem to run the shell with my thinkpad nvidia card but am looking for another system to try it on.

~ Bryan

[1] http://labs.mozilla.com/raindrop/
[2] http://labs.mozilla.com/raindrop/2009/10/22/introducing-raindrop/
[3] https://wiki.mozilla.org/Raindrop
[4] https://wiki.mozilla.org/Raindrop/WebApis
[*] http://clarkbw.net/blog/2009/10/22/raindrop/

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