Re: Inconsistencies in the top menu objects

On 11/22/2009 09:37 AM, Greg K Nicholson wrote:
>>> - In normal view >
>>> - The name of the app-in-view is displayed but the name is
>>> non-reactive , while the rest of the elements react to user interaction.
>>> => I understand that this is the design but
> It isn't the design. The design calls for an application menu here,
> including options pertinent to the application as a whole, e.g.
> Preferences, Quit. It's simply not implemented yet.
>>> it would be better if the
>>> title responds and shows some options.
>> I think when you click on the the title of the active app, you should
>> see a dropdown of all open apps. Â Just sayin'.
> That would conflict with the application menu.

Maybe it will be in the sidebar, but I want a reminder of the apps I
already have open. Sometimes, I open something then minimize it -- not
close it -- because I'm going to come back and finish it.  When it's
completely invisible, that little bit of reminder is gone.

While we're on the subject (or just changing it a bit), I'd like to be
able to set up "favorite" apps that I want quick access to from the
application menu.  I know it's the same number of clicks, but I find it
faster to find an app from the application menu on the current Gnome
desktop than I do with gnome-shell. It's probably because (1) it's not
white on black and (2) I haven't shifted my view of the desktop to an
all window preview. In this scenario, seeing all open windows is a
distraction, not an advantage.



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