Re: May be you refuse from overlay & other thoughts/comments

I am having the same problem with the nvidia proprietary drivers. Redraw is slow & moving windows lags behind the cursor---this with a SLI dual 9800GT set, so I do have more than enough GPU power to really accelerate anything onscreen.

I also like the ideas put forward about window placement/resizing--

My suggestion would allow users to draw boxes on their screen (which would
snap to window edges / other boxes), once set the borders could be dragged
and resized or the box removed entirely. Windows could then be dragged in to
the box and if dragged near the top edge they would automatically fill the
box. Alternatively you could put an application in the middle of the box and
then when you use the maximize functionality it would maximize
the application to the box rather than the full window. Boxes could be a bit
unsightly so they wouldn't be visible unless the user is currently dragging
a window, hovering over the maximize icon or if they are in the box setup
In the thread on ubuntuforums I read this:

When you click the Activities button and you see all of your windows in thumbnail format, we should be able to delete the active windows from there. I would like to be able to right click on that thumbnail of that program and have the option to close it. That would make managing open applications so much easier since I could just see what's all running and right click - close, right click - close, right click - close, and bam I have all of my unused applications closed.

And one thing that is a very small pet peeve that I would like to see changed is the "more" button for applications is kind of small. Look at all of the empty space in between the actual word "Applications" and the word "More". Let's utilize that space a little more. Let's chop it - 50/50. Left side is not a button, just a section to say APPLICATIONS. Right side is a bigger button spanning across the entire right side to display "More."

I'd also like to have the option to expand to the right the options in the Places menu. When you hit more for applications, your available applications kick to the right. I'd like to be able to right click and have a menu kick out to the right with the contents of "pictures" or "music" or whatever I right clicked. That would allow the single left click to still be the real controller on launching that window in full screen. I think that option would be a nice one to have.

And lastly, that top panel - it needs to be customizable. I want to add my system monitor there. I want to see what my activity is on my computer as I use it since it also doubles as a backup/file server. I want to add some simple widgets there for my own customizable purposes.  (this comment from ubuntuforums member: roasted)

For anyone interested in the current thoughts from testers/users:

Dean Loros
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It's just stupid to see all these animations, flashy, etc in order to launch
calculator. The entire idea seems to be wrong. BTW, mutter doesn't work
properly with nvidia proprietary drivers.


Dean Loros
Performance by Design Ltd
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