Re: New mockups for shell - round 2

Well, I have to say I like the idea of search moving, but while I
*love* the 'more' view of AppBrowsing #2, I'm not that keen on
Jeremy's program list.

... so here's my take on things. :-)

Some of this seems to tie in well with Owen's thoughts on search being
good for instant recognition initially, and unifying with the detail
later on:


On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 8:30 PM, Owen Taylor <otaylor fishsoup net> wrote:
> So, we were going over the mockups some more in detail yesterday;
> hopefully we'll get started on some implementation soon. One of the
> things we were discussing was Jon's concern that there really wasn't a
> good connection between the search entry and the search results. The
> thought popped into my head to put the search entry right on the
> background, as shown in:
> (I'll avoid the ASCII art after Jon's misadventure.) I think that
> location has some definite advantages for the interaction with the
> results and more panes. On the other hand, the search entry may look
> odd and out of place there.
> In the mockup I did, I also explored a bit some other possibilities
> for the search results. There's a lot of text and controls flying
> around in the AppBrowsingAlternative02 version -  it feels like
> something you would use only when you've given up all hope of finding
> a document by some other means. :-) So maybe maybe the first level of
> search can be something more lightweight, good for instant visual
> recognition, easy to click on?
> Then if you drilled down into a particular type of result, it could
> unify with the other path of first going to the Documents more pane,
> then searching.
> - Owen
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