Re: New mockups for shell - round 2

So, we were going over the mockups some more in detail yesterday;
hopefully we'll get started on some implementation soon. One of the
things we were discussing was Jon's concern that there really wasn't a
good connection between the search entry and the search results. The
thought popped into my head to put the search entry right on the
background, as shown in:

(I'll avoid the ASCII art after Jon's misadventure.) I think that
location has some definite advantages for the interaction with the
results and more panes. On the other hand, the search entry may look
odd and out of place there.

In the mockup I did, I also explored a bit some other possibilities
for the search results. There's a lot of text and controls flying
around in the AppBrowsingAlternative02 version -  it feels like
something you would use only when you've given up all hope of finding
a document by some other means. :-) So maybe maybe the first level of
search can be something more lightweight, good for instant visual
recognition, easy to click on?

Then if you drilled down into a particular type of result, it could
unify with the other path of first going to the Documents more pane,
then searching.

- Owen

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