Re: GNOME Shell and Online Desktop

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 10:01 AM, Johannes Schmid <jhs jsschmid de> wrote:

> For instance if we can make web applications (gmail, facebook etc) be
> part of the applications menu (like mozilla prism) or display web
> widgets (like igoogle) on your desktop would be very cool features for
> GNOME 3.0

Well, I kind of disagree here. I think we should go more the way that
Benjamin proposed yesterday

That is:
- share preferences -> make the desktop look the same everywhere
- make e-mail/im working on all systems as if you were local (but do not
depend on some proprietary web-app)
- add calibration features to applications where it makes sense

I don't agree so much in sharing the home directory because this could
quickly become rather annoying, but allowing to share gconf/dconf in the
first place could be nice. This is also rather low-volume so we could
possibly have infrastructure for it (on GNOME servers or on
distribution's servers).
Sharing files and preferences is the goal of UbunuOne, which just went live yesterday. [1] UbuntuOne is currently just a Dropbox replacement, but there are plans to integrate it with GNOME apps and to sync preferences and app-specific data. (Disclaimer: The UbuntuOne server-side software is currently proprietary.)



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