Re: window / workspace switcher

2009/3/27 Dan Winship <danw gnome org>:
> You're talking about the Alt-Tab popup and the similar popup for using
> hotkeys to switch windows? I was just starting to look into that.

Yes - that's it.

> The standard way, when possible, is: add GObject properties or signals
> to MetaScreen, MetaWorkspace, MetaWindow, etc.
> In this case though, that's not really going to be possible. Owen and I
> were talking about possibly having some sort of GObject interface
> (MetaTabSwitchingHandler or something), with a default implementation,
> and gnome-shell could provide its own implementation. (Although since
> you can't implement a glib interface from gjs, this would also require
> some C glue in libgnomeshell.)
> If you're still interested in working on this, I'll step back and let
> you do it; you should update to
> indicate that you're working on it. If not, I'll keep hacking on it.

I'm not familiar with low level workings of shell / metacity, so
that's beyond my abilities :/ I just thought it might be possible to
implement a nicer switcher entirely in js right now :)

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