Re: My thoughs on gnome-shell

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 1:34 PM, techwizrd<theninja bluedevs net> wrote:
> Here are my thoughts on gnome-shell at the moment:

Hi, remember that the shell as you see it is a work in progress.  It's
fairly different in git master from what's in your screenshot (I
assume you're using an older Ubuntu package)?  Some things that you're
talking about we definitely know are holes in the design - the search
in particular.  You can now drag items into a favorites area, which
helps replace the old panel launcher system.

In general as we iterate the design, the implementation follows.  At
some point we'll do user validation and testing, and it very well
might be that the design will have to change.  Your feedback is

With respect to JavaScript, the shell really *is* technically
JavaScript - it's not the DOM and a browser though, which is what
admittedly a lot people think of as "JavaScript".  But they're
different standards and at a technology level as well quite separate.

> Before you tl;dr or flame, please RTFA.

What is A?

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