Re: tasklist/reusing gnome-panel

Le mercredi 14 janvier 2009 à 00:02 +0100, Johannes Schmid a écrit :
> Hi!
> > Anyways, what I plan to experiment with is adding the tasklist back at
> > the bottom in normal mode; but when you enter the overlay mode, it
> > gets hidden.  My initial technical plan on this is just to reuse the
> > current stock GTK+ tasklist code.  We could do some sexy things if we
> > used Clutter, live previews on mouseover etc., but having the old one
> > would at least give us an idea of how the workflow might be with the
> > taskbar again.
> I would rather vote for a task list at the top. And not the normal task
> list as used in GNOME but something that is used in the Ubuntu Netbook
> Remix
> ( It's basically a normal task list but the non-active window collapses into an icon. It doesn't waste as much space as the taskbar and it avoids the need for a second panel.
Have you considered using Avant Window Navigator (AWN)? I've been using
it for some time now, and I must say while I'm no real fan of MacOS, the
dock concept is quite efficient and nice to use. AWN is really
customizable (bar height, decorations, theming...) so that it can fit
with gnome-shell in whatever way you want.

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