Re: Layering in Clutter

2009/2/10 Timbob steve <timbobsteve gmail com>:
> Hi All,
> I am working on a thumbnailing patch for docDisplayItem,


> Another thought was to make the preview-thumbnail a top-level actor, but I
> can't find any way to retrieve the global Clutter.Group() (not even sure if
> there is one).

The simplest way to attack this I think is just to make the popup a
child of the stage (call .get_stage() on any of the actors, or
global.stage).  Because the stage is a Group, and groups paint their
children in the order they're added, you'll get the ordering you want.

In one of my projects I have an explicit PopupManager class, but it's
sort of tied into the app architecture.  We could definitely create a
similar manager type object if we run into this situation more though.

> NB: There is also an issue that is more pronounced with the thumbnailing
> code, where mouse-over events aren't actually triggered upon the mouse
> entering an actors space.

Hmm, as I understand it there is an issue with leave events not being
synthesized for the mouse leaving the stage entirely (this is why the
Activities button doesn't de-highlight when moving the mouse down
instead of right); but your description sounds different.

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