Re: All GNOME Shell Developers.

It only took about 1 day for me.  It was very natural for me.  Taking one person's impressions and then saying the whole idea sucks makes a lousy argument against the gnome-shell concept.


On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 1:33 PM, Денис Черемисов <denis cheremisov net> wrote:
Few weeks to get comfortable? Man, are you crazy?
It's too long and only proves the gnome-shell idea sucks.

2009/12/19 Bob Hazard <linuxoflondon googlemail com>

It's actually more useful to someone with only one workspace because
they tend to have even more overlapping windows.

It only needs one click to switch windows anyway.  The top left corner
is a big target you can do a very approximate gesture to trigger the
zoom without clicking.

After a while it becomes second nature and I was surprised that it
feels very old fashioned to go back to a flat desktop.

Try Docky if you find the transition uncomfortable but it only takes a
few weeks.

2009/12/18 Danté Ashton <mentalomega googlemail com>:
> Hey all.
> I've been watching GNOME Shell for a while, but there is one problem that I
> really can't see being resolved.
> How useful is this to someone who uses one desktop? Just one? Never-mind the
> other one, or three, or four...
> Why should I, the user, have to perform three extra clicks just to do what
> it takes me one to do now?
> There has been less video/photo material to consume then I could safely make
> a judgement on, and if the 'one desktop' problem has been addressed and
> solved, I apologize for taking up your time.
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С уважением, Денис Черемисов.

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