Adaptive colors for Gnome Shell


I want to propose several ideas about Gnome Shell's usability:
-> Make the bg color of the top panel "adapt" to the background image
	Use case 1: If Mary sets the wallpaper to something generally dark
(check in the top of the image or the whole one) to have the bg of the
panel be white at 40% opacity. If the image is darker the opacity should
decrease in order to make the desktop more usable.
	Use case 2: Tom decides to use very bright and light image as bg. Then
the panel should "see" this change and adopt a black bg color with
opacity depending on the brightness similarly to the darker use case.

-> Make the bg of the Activities "adopt" in the same way the panel does
but it should be more opaque.

-> Same changes may be applied to Shelf or any additional pop-ups that
may appear.

P.S. To be noted that this is valid for text that should be drawn on to
the desktop. The user (or a theme) would be able to change these values
or restore the defaults. 

Would appreciate any thoughts, comments?


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