Mutter patches needed for gnome-shell

I've gone through, extracted all the non-upstream specifics in the
gnome-shell branch of Mutter, rebased them against the tip of the mutter
repository, and filed them against the new 'mutter' component in

I think all these patches are ready to be landed: they have generally
been reviewed by multiple gnome-shell team members. But I'd appreciate
review by the Mutter maintainers.

If we get these in, we can then proceed to renaming the installed binary
and files to 'mutter' and have working parallel install with metacity
(and packageability!)

(If you are interested in mutter, you should add an email watch on
mutter-maint gnome bugs to your preferences.

Uncontroversial enhancements
We have a few patches that are pretty much completely uncontroversial,
but aren't yet in upstream Mutter for one reason or another.

Improve handling of errors when calling CompositeNameWindowPixmap
Add ::window-added and ::window-removed signals to MetaWorkspace
Fix return transfer annotations for a number of functions and add docs
In case of GConf failure, fall back to local keybinding values
Allow setting input region before output window is created

Introspection support
These three patches together allow building introspection information
for Metacity itself and for Mutter plugins. If gobject-introspection is
not present or --without-introspection is passed to configure, Mutter
will be built without introspection.

Load plugins separately from initializing
Build and install introspection information

Somewhat gnome-shell specific
A couple of bugs add support for features that aren't all that general,
but were needed for gnome-shell. They shouldn't affect non-gnome-shell
uses of Mutter.

Add meta_workspace_set_builtin_struts()
Add support for a "meta key" which initiates extended WM operations

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