Basic, oh-so-basic, gnome-shell theming tool built in ruby

So I threw together a really quick theming tool written in ruby that will just replace constant values with regexes, using a yaml file for configuration.  The project, complete with a few themes for fiddling with, can be found at

Some screenshots of various themes...

it is intensely basic, I am aware.  And there are more issues with it (for instance, if you were to apply a theme with n constants defined and then apply a theme with n-1 defined, you'll be stuck with one constant from the old theme).

However, it serves my purposes just fine, for playing with gnome-shell's look, and so I thought I'd release it.  As owen pointed out, theming tools are not exactly even desirable at present, since there's other stuff to be worked on.  Still, though, it's been entertaining :)

The README sort of explains how to use it, if you're trying and having problems feel free to email me at knewter at gmail dot com, as I get the digest and so will otherwise take 24+ hours to respond.


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