Re: Breadcrumbs in the panel


> On IRC, Marina suggested using the breadcrumbs on top for switching
> windows, and for requesting attention at another workspace or when
> another window is maximized. Owen mentioned that the designs might be
> too text-heavy, and for example 'Workspace 1' isn't recognizable if
> you don't see the name elsewhere.

Well, the activities should get names (but that was suggested with some
mockups yesterday). It don't think it's too text heavy. Of course all
icons are missing from the current markup but that's not the point here.

> Further comments are appreciated! (Below the wiki page, in private
> mail or on this list.) If I still think it's a good idea by next week,
> I'll try to implement it in a separate branch.

I really like this. I think combine with the menu/combobox suggestion of
coulamac and the notifications thing from Brian this could be the way to
go. I also like the maximized window thing. But it's really time that
someone creates a bit of real code (shouldn't be too much) so that the
real usability can be tested because markups cannot provide that fully.


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