Re: inline system notifications

Hi all,
just wanted to post some user story about the experience with the
notification bars.

2009/4/15 Bryan Clark <clarkbw gmail com>:
> I think the FIrefox style of inline notification system has worked out
> pretty well as a way to inform people of events in the application that are
> "modal-ish".  And I was thinking that for gnome-shell you guys could look
> into something very similar for the shell.

I like it a lot. Firefox got a very nice idea implemented there...
well almost. My hardware is not that old, but every time some bar
appears, I can see the page re-rendering completely 2-3 times on every
bar "appearing / hiding" animation. That gives a really bad
impression. If only the bar was "floating over" the content (not
requesting a resize) I would be so much happier :) I'm guessing that
would be hard to do in firefox, because of how they display the
content, but in gnome-shell... ?

> I did up a simple and quick mockup, using the existing gnome-panel because I
> can't seem to get gnome-shell to appear on my system yet.

Just keeping in mind the firefox's whole-page refreshing problems =>
won't it affect all the fullscreen-ed applications? (in a bad way)
I'd like to leave the idea of a bar floating above the applications
(still attached to the top panel with it's top edge) on this ML. Maybe
someone will like it too :)


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