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--- On Wed, 4/15/09, Dan Winship <danw gnome org> wrote:
From: Dan Winship <danw gnome org>
Subject: Re: a list!!?!
To: "William Jon McCann" <william jon mccann gmail com>
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Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009, 4:13 PM

William Jon McCann wrote:
> One idea that I had that I quickly rejected, as requiring a mental model
> that is too complex, is for workspaces to be activity bundles. Others
> seemed to have liked this idea but I remain deeply sceptical.

I think a lot of people assume when they see the word "Activities"
that is what we're trying to implement, and adjust their ideas about
gnome-shell accordingly. I've been thinking we
should change the label
to "Overview".

This is what I thought activities meant as well.  In fact it might be nice to be able to launch say, a firefox window, a terminal, and a text editor to a predetermined arrangement on a workspace called "My Coding Activity".  I believe Macs let you seet applications to default to a certain workspace.  The complexity of this is of course up for debate.

> I think a lot
> more focus has been put on workspace management in the shell
> implementation than some of us in the hackfest would have liked (or
> maybe it is just me).

That was not communicated well outside of the hackfest then. The wiki
has a lot of discussion of multiple workspaces, and never suggests that
the use of multiple workspaces was intended to be minimized.
assumed that the goal was to make it *easier* to use multiple
workspaces, as with the compiz cube, rather than to try to get rid of them.)

-- Dan
We really don't want to discourage the use of workspaces.  I know many people who find them highly useful, in large part to how easy it is to use and understand.  Most do understand the idea of workspaces within seconds of seeing the compiz cube for the first time, and those who don't will simply forget about them an use workspace 1.  Workspaces help avoid horrible window clutter, like I *always* have on my XP machine.  This isn't to say that we shouldn't try to improve how we handle windows within the workspace, and you certainly won't get an argument from me on that point, but we should be making workspaces easier and more intuitive, not less.

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