Problem with drag-n-drop files to floppy using Nautilus

I hate floppies, really, I do. But sometimes my wife needs to use 'em...

I am using RHL9. Upon dragging-n-dropping files to a properly mounted
floppy from home directoy (or any directory) I get the error "Invalid
Parameters while copying -- Skip Cancel Retry"

1) Has anyone else seen this? Have you fixed it?
2) I *know* that (a)the floppy is mounted properly and (b) the floppy is writeable by the account that is doing the drag-n-drop because the CLI command "cp" works fine.

Please help!! I *don't* want to install Windows on this computer!!!!!

Since the "cp" command works, I am thinking that this is a Nautilus issue, and since Nautilus is part of Gnome I was hoping to find a solution within the Gnome-mailing lists.

                 Jeffrey | Silverman
         jeffrey jhu edu | 410-516-5303
Johns Hopkins University | Baltimore,MD

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