Re: Chronojump gift to translators

Boa tarde!

Eu tenho interesse hehehe

Eu vou trabalhar nessa tradução esse final de semana


Em sex, 8 de nov de 2019 10:33, Rafael Fontenelle <rafaelff gnome org> escreveu:

A quem possa interessar, o Chronojump ( está
enviando uma camisa para um tradutor de cada equipe.

Caso queira receber a camisa, peço que contribua com a tradução na
plataforma de tradução do GNOME em:

Rafael Fontenelle

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Date: sex., 8 de nov. de 2019 às 10:20
Subject: Chronojump gift to translators
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Hello all

On Chronojump we want to send a small gift to some translators for
their continuous work.
Our application has many strings and we are very glad to send this
gift to those great helpers.

Looking at stats:

We want to send the gift to the teams with 50% or more of the translation done.
The gift will be for just one person on each team.

The gift could be a T-shirt (black, blue or gray, depending also on sizes)

or a sweatshirt (only black)

The procedure will be:
1.- the coordinator of each team answers at this thread saying which
person will be rewarded.
2.- Then I contact this person by email to ask which of the two gifts,
color, size and shipping address.
3.- Gift is sent

Also if some of you are on LAS at Barcelona next week, you can enjoy
some free beer!

Hope everyone enjoy!
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