Fwd: Help to translation GCompris Qt

Para conhecimento, quem puder ajudar a tradução do GCompris no site de
localizações do KDE

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From: Bruno Coudoin <bruno coudoin gcompris net>
Date: 2014-11-21 16:02 GMT-02:00
Subject: Help to translation GCompris Qt
To: Bruno Coudoin <bruno coudoin gcompris net>


I am contacting you because you already helped in the translation of GCompris.

As you may have seen, last January we took the hard decision to port
GCompris in Qt Quick in order to address from a single code base all
the desktop and the mobile users.

Beside the technology change, GCompris on Qt Quick is the same, still
free software and still aiming at providing a quality level
educational software to all children of the world in the language they
speak or they learn.

In order to get to the quality level of translation we had when hosted
under Gnome, we have joined the KDE community. Thus the translations
of the new version will happens there.

The new version is progressing very well and we have a beta version
[1] with 84 activities on the 140 of the Gtk+ version. The source code
is under Git [2].

We are getting close to our first string freeze thus if you have some
time, please consider joining the KDE translation team for your



[1] some binary version: http://gcompris.net/download/beta/
[2] source code git: http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=gcompris.git

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