Re: Translation error in yelp-xsl

Em Seg, 2012-05-14 Ãs 09:20 -0400, Shaun McCance escreveu:
Hi Brazilian translators,

I've just checked all the translations in yelp-xsl and found an
error in the Brazilian Portugese translation.

msgid "yelp-quote-201C.png"
msgstr "watermark-blockquote-201C.png"

The translation must be yelp-quote-XXXX.png, where XXXX is one of
201C, 201D, 201E, 00AB, or 00BB. This is probably left over from
the original gnome-doc-utils translation, but the format has to
be changed for yelp-xsl.

I've already pushed a fix for this to git master. You don't have
to do anything. I'm letting you know in case you have local copies
of the translation you need to update.

Hi Shaun, 

We don't. Thank you for everything.

Djavan Fagundes

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