Re: Translation error in yelp-xsl

Thanks Shaun!

2012/5/14 Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org>
Hi Brazilian translators,

I've just checked all the translations in yelp-xsl and found an
error in the Brazilian Portugese translation.

msgid "yelp-quote-201C.png"
msgstr "watermark-blockquote-201C.png"

The translation must be yelp-quote-XXXX.png, where XXXX is one of
201C, 201D, 201E, 00AB, or 00BB. This is probably left over from
the original gnome-doc-utils translation, but the format has to
be changed for yelp-xsl.

I've already pushed a fix for this to git master. You don't have
to do anything. I'm letting you know in case you have local copies
of the translation you need to update.


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Jonh Wendell

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