Re: How to pass file to gnome_print?

On Fri, 2005-18-03 at 10:24 +0530, Mohit Kumar wrote:
> Well Andreas, the code is constructing the PS using gnome_print_lineto
> and other functions as Lutz has pointed out.
> I think there is no way to do so....

I just checked the gpdf code (since I didn't think I could be that
mistaken) and in gpdf_control_print_job_print (in xpdf/
it uses 

	gnome_print_job_set_file (pj->gnome_print_job, pj->file_name);

This is according to
I don't see any gnome_print_lineto.


Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow
Dept. of Mathematical & Computing Sciences
Concordia University College of Alberta

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