Relocation error: undefined symbol gnome_print_job_set_file

Hi All,

I am writing a program which calls the gnomeprintdialog and passes a
gnomeprintjob to it which contains the path of the ps file. Here is
the sample code that I have written:


#include <libgnomeprintui/gnome-print-dialog.h> //for GNOME Print Dialog
#include <gtk/gtk.h> //for GTK Widget and other related stuff
#include <libgnomeprint/gnome-print-job.h>
#include <libgnomeprint/gnome-print-config.h>
      GnomePrintJob *printJob;   
       printJob = gnome_print_job_new(NULL);

On Compiling I don't get any error, but on running I get the following error:

[mohit india-25-27 GnomePrintDialog]$ ./a.out
./a.out: relocation error: ./a.out: undefined symbol: gnome_print_job_set_file

Both my libgnomeprint and libgnomeprintui are present in  /usr/local/lib....
Moreover, when i remove the call to gnome_print_unstable_api(...) i
don't get any error.

What is wrong? Am I missing something?


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