How to pass file to gnome_print?

Hi All,

I am new to gnome-print and thus stuck at a few simple questions.

I have a PDF available with me. Now I have two options:

1. To call a gnome -print API which will convert this into PS using
the options provided by the user. In this case which API should I call
to "pass" the file as a parameter to it?

2.  I have written a function to convert PDF to PS but I am also using
the gnome-print-dialog and hence would want to display a preview for
it.. So how should I pass this file as a print job to
gnome-print-dialog. I tried using gnome_print_job_set_file(...) but
guess that is not available...

I am seriously stuck with these issues and seeking answer to them.
Just 2 questions : how to I   pass a file to gnome-print and

Any help would be appreciated.


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