Tuning a CUPS / Gutenprint printer for Windows clients

Hi all.

We just bought an Epson R1800 printer here at work.
I've got it shared out from my desktop ( Gentoo Linux ), and it's
working fairly well, however it looks like it needs some tuning. All the
colours are a lot lighter than I would have expected, particularly in
the CUPS test page, and in stuff printed from Excel. I printed an A3 PDF
to it, and it printed *perfectly* :)

There are a *lot* of options on the server end that control Gutenprint.
I assume these *only* control the output of jobs from Linux clients, and
that jobs from windows clients are just 'passed through' to the printer.
Is this right?

The windows clients are using drivers from the Epson install CD, and are
connected to the server via IPP sharing ( eg the connect with a string
like: http://server_name:631/printers/printer_name

Where should I be tuning things? In the CUPS printer configuration page,
or on the client end?

Thanks :)


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