printing a GDKpixbuf


I've written an application using gtk+ responsible for the display of
seismograms in various forms.  I need to print the seismograms being held
in the GDKpixbuf (to postscript).  I've had a look around and have come to
some conclusions about how this should be done, but would like to run them
by the folks here before I attempt to implement a completely wrong

>From what I gather, if I have gnome-print installed, I can then use the
various routines which already exist to get to where I need to be. 
Namely, by creating a PrintContext and then using the gnome_print_pixbuf()
function to convert my pixbuf to postscript.  Is this approach correct?  I
would rather print directly to the printer, though simply creating a
postscript output file to be printed by the user is also okay.

I attempted to install the gnome-print package, but since gnome itself has
not been installed on my machine, the configure failed.  Delivery of my
application must include all gtk+ library dependencies, so if using
gnome-print as part of my solution is so decided, I will also have to
include the required gnome-print libraries.  But with this requirement,
will all of gnome itself essentially also have to be included as part of
my app's release?

Leading to the next question: is it possible to actually embed the
gnome-print code within my application itself, using only the pixbuf
specific portions, thus alleviating the need to deliver all of gnome and
its dependent libraries?  Is this feasible?  In this case, I would imagine
the easiest implementation would be to simply create a postscript output
file and not provide all other support provided by the totality of
gnome-print (e.g., printer dialogues, direct printing, etc.).

Any pointers and advice are greatly appreciated.


Richard Boaz

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