Re: Printing woes

Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:
On Tue, 2004-07-20 at 16:45, frank wrote:

Most (and I would like to claim that virtually all) questions to the
list receive answers. Of course frequently not the answer one might be
hoping for.

Yes, Andreas you're right and I offer an apology for not calming my nerves before writing.

You really haven't ever explained why it is not feasible for you to run
cups, a printing system that is reasonably supported rather than the
ancient lpd.

There are two main reasons for choosing not to install cups.

Firstly, lpd does everything I need from a printing system, it's configurable to all my printers, it spools, it can out source to ghostscript hence is capable of printing anything that might go in a postscript file, it is network capable, and is browesable for windows via samba

And secondly, it doesn't require the installation of any additional packages as it comes as a component of the operating system (FreeBSD). Of course for my non-postscript printers ghostscript is required and for the lonely windows machines, samba but those are required in one form or another by cups also.

Perhaps because the traditional /etc/printcap listing provides virtually
no information about the capabilities of a printer?

I imagine there are other reasons for employing cups similar to the one you've suggested. lpd does little beyond catch a print job and spool it to a printer. But when using gnome-print's interface and specifying lpd as the printer, lpd catches the job and prints just fine. This suggests gnome-print merely forwards a postscript docement which lpd has no problem with.


gnome-print appears to enjoy a close relationship with cups so couldn't the system be checked for running cups servers? If the appropriate ones are not found, couldn't printer names be harvested from the printcap file?

lpd is available on all the unix systems I'm aware of, and it works, so why not allow it to complement cups? cups will always be available for those who find lpd to be insufficient for their needs, and lpd for those who don't need the additional functionality.

Please don't take this as a critism of the gnumeric or gnome-print projects. Instead this be considered an suggested enhancement.



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