Printing woes



It’s been 6 months since the first of these bug reports was filed (Bug 132732: lpd spools not showing and Bug, and 138941: gnome-print could detect all local printers automatically with etc/printcap) and I’ve been receiving almost daily complaints from my users regarding the inability of the print mechanism to handle lpd printers.  Sadly, questions to gnome-print-list receive no response.


I have found gnumeric to be a capable spreadsheet and we have invested considerable time in adapting excel spreadsheets to suit (taking out the macros).  It seems a shame to have to discard such a sound application for a reason as simple as problematic printing, but we are an engineering firm and have no capacity for programming.  We will begin testing alternate spreadsheets directly and will begin the transition from gnumeric shortly.


It is inconceivable that the anticipated Microsoft Windows version of gnumeric will demand a CUPS installation, so why the insistence for CUPS on Unix platforms?






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