Re: [Foomatic] Re: Printer driver UI [proposal]

On Mon, 2003-03-17 at 11:59, Michael Sweet wrote:
> David Chappell wrote:
> > ...
> > It is noteworthy that the PPD spec (starting on page 106) describes an
> > option called CustomPageSize which together with ParamCustomPageSize
> > describes a five parameter option with ranges defined for each
> > parameter.  Can we use this framework for other options?
> The CUPS 1.2 extended option syntax uses something similar, although
> we don't currently support multiple parameters per option - just
> array types...  I've been working on additions to the 1.2 code to
> support multiple parameter types per option...

I don't think we need to or should extend the spec for numberic
parameters with ranges.  The PPD spec already defines a mechanism for
defining commands that take a specified number of parameters each one of
which can have a range.  While the only such command defined in the spec
is *CustomPageSize, there is a statement on page 15 which indicates that
this is a general mechanism.  If I understand the idea correctly,
variable gamma might look like this:

*Gamma True: "<< /Gamma 2 index >> setpagedevice pop"
*ParamGamma Gamma: 1 real 0.5 3.0

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