Re: Printer driver UI [proposal]

Michael Goffioul wrote:
(do not forget that I'm talking about user-friendlyness and UI
improvement, so this concerns all these "fancy" things that can
make life easier to normal users, but which expert users don't
care about)

I'd suspect that a "preview" button with the corresponding hooks
in the printing system would be a more general purpose solution.

However, to comment specifically on your example - it would be
impossible to accurately preview the results of changing a
color channel curve without having a colorimetric (e.g. ICC)
profile for the output device, at which point such curves are
probably not needed anyways...

That doesn't mean that you might not have an application specifically
geared towards color profiling/tweeking (for example) the GIMP-print
drivers, however such an application would probably provide its own
UI and not need extra UI data/code from the PPD file.

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