Re: Printer driver UI [proposal]

> > I agree that host-specific object files are not a good idea, but
> > I simply wonder if, with the increasing complexity of drivers, if
> > everything can still be described in standard XML format.
> If you can describe the data that is being provided, then you can
> do it in a data file.

You're absolutely right. The example I have in my mind is the following.
Consider you can change the curve of a color profile. From a user point
of view, it would be very useful to illustrate the changes on a sample
image. This kind of dynamic relationship is not easy to describe in
XML format except if you define "a-color-profile-editor-with-a-sample-
image" as being a basic building block of the GUI.
(do not forget that I'm talking about user-friendlyness and UI
improvement, so this concerns all these "fancy" things that can
make life easier to normal users, but which expert users don't
care about)


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