Printing lines and shapes from a gnome canvas


I have advanced with lines and shapes. It works in most cases, but some
problems remain:

    * there is apparently nothing corresponding to GDK_CAP_PROJECTING in
      libgnomeprint. I have no opinion about where the correspondig code
      should go (libgnomecanvas or libgnomeprint) or even if it's worth
      the effort;

    * no stipple support in libgnomeprint. Stipples seem to be used by
      someones  to add a transparency in an non-aa canvas, so it is
      possible to  use gnome_print_setopacity. May be more should be done.

    * I am not sure about dashes. I use gnome_print_setdash when the
      style is GDK_LINE_ON_OFF_DASH. The result is not exactly the same
      on paper and on the screen, but I effectively obtain a dashed
      line. I also tried GDK_LINE_DOUBLEDASH, but I obtain a solid line
      on my screen, so I don't know what to do with that.

I am now going to work on text printing.
(you may forward this message to an appropriate list if there is one...)

Best regards,

Jean Bréfort

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