Re: GnomePrinterSelector private?

On Sun, 2002-12-15 at 17:41, Jim Evins wrote:
> Hello,
> 	Is GnomePrinterSelector (gnome-printer-dialog.h) going to no longer be
> public in the 2.2 API?  The header file is no longer installed with
> 2.1.2.  This was very useful in the 2.0 API for constructing custom
> print dialogs.

I have been wanting to declare the API of gnome-print stable [*1], and
are feeling _very_ close to it. I stopped installing headers that I
wasn't sure why app developers would need to use them, this is something
that I'd like to discuss further.

You want to create custom printer dialogs, but it seems to me that the
best way to do that would be to provide that functionality within
gnome-print-dialog.h, and allow apps to embed widgets into it. Custom
dialogs will not gives users a consistent UI for printing and whatever
improvements we do or features we add (and some of those are coming this
way soon) users will not get.

So i guess my questions are:
- How does gnome-print-dialog not satisfy your needs?
- Could this be fixed in GnomePrintDialog?
- Can you provide a good case where you would need this?


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