Re: [gnome-print] Filter code for gnome-print

On Sat, 2002-05-11 at 06:42, Sijin M. Stephen wrote:
> Dear Chema
> I'm trying to add a customized reporting interface
>  where    a report is generated by the package and , 
> the user will be allowed to drag and drop the texts,images etc.
> I tried to insert a lot of gnomecanvasitems  ( text ) into the canvas, 
>  Now, eats up a lot of memory and my program segfaults
>      Now i guess this is because the no. of canvasitems i'm creating is 
> too high
> Will it be much less memory consuming if i try to write a new widget 
> like  ( canvas-text-box ) . This box can be later removed ..
> I see that libgnomeprint has done is quite well.
>             How did u manage to do it ?
> ( or could my segfaults be due to some other problem ? )

Absolutely, things don't crash because they are using a lot of memory.
Code crashes because it contains bugs.


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