Re: [gnome-print] Filter code for gnome-print

I've been using libgnomeprint for a while..

Now i want to do all those which i wrote directly into the 
gnomeprintmaster  to a canvas,
   I've got libgnomeprint   source code with me..

How do i find out how the functions
             gnome_print_moveto( ) is implemented..
i searched through the source code... for it..    couldn't find it..

what's wrong ?
   thanks in advance..

Chema Celorio wrote:

>Hello Scott,
>I am starting to work on gnome-print again and i was wondering about the
>code that you wrote some time to change the encoding/compressing
>routines to work incrementally.
>The link to your website does not have any content anymore. I may have
>this code somewhere (on an old hard drive), do you have this code
>somewhere i could fetch it from? I'd like to integrate it into
>Gnome-print maillist  -

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