Re: [Gnome-print] First attempt at integrating Omni with Gnome

> > Here are two files that integrate Omni with gnome-print.  I also put
> > omni in gnome-print.c

You had some good examples to work from.  I didn't have to ask any
questions to get it working.  Thanks for the good job.

> > Here are some issues that I came across.
> >     - How can you access GnomePrintOmniClass from a
> > GnomePrintContext?

> Mhm.  Why do you need to do this?

It would be nice to have class data that is global in nature.  This
looks like what is intended in the GnomePrintXXXClass (since there
is only one instance of this, right?).  One thing that I would like
to store there is rgb's callback function pointers.

> >     - We need to merge with you on form names.  We have 118 forms.
> What is a form name?

Examples are Letter, Legal, and Ledger.  Are there going to be constraints
on what forms are allowed with a printer driver?  Is there going to be
a job property dialog and a printer property dialog?

> >     - We need the device name to use (ex: Epson Stylus Color 760).
> Agreed.
> >     - We need our job properties besides the form and resolution to be
> > passed in.
> Can you explain a bit more?

We have the ability to select the tray, media, dithering algorithm, and
the internal print mode (bits per pel).  Of course, each printer could
have unique job properties such as microweaving.

> >     - The resolution needs to be able to handle non square resolutions
> > (ex: 144 x 72).
> Yeah, this is going to be a bit tricky I suspect.   Although we could
> "push" a transformation to do this.

I havent investigated your APIs enough, but can you set the presentation
space to be in different units?  For example, twips or pels?

I know that in the past, we have had many problems by not considering
non-square resolutions.

Also, anothing thing that I noticed was that begin page was not called
but showpage was.  Didn't I read somewhere, that both are supposed to be



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