Re: [Gnome-print] First attempt at integrating Omni with Gnome

Mark Hamzy wrote:
> > >     - We need to merge with you on form names.  We have 118 forms.
> >
> > What is a form name?
> Examples are Letter, Legal, and Ledger.  Are there going to be constraints
> on what forms are allowed with a printer driver?  Is there going to be
> a job property dialog and a printer property dialog?

Yes, I did some work on it and it is inside the "gnome-print-admin"
If you want to try this out you need to configure gnome-print with
flag and the get & install gnome-print-admin.

> We have the ability to select the tray, media, dithering algorithm, and
> the internal print mode (bits per pel).  Of course, each printer could
> have unique job properties such as microweaving.

Yes, this also needs to be done thru gnomeg-print-admin. We need to
on a way of getting information from OMNI dirvers.

> Also, anothing thing that I noticed was that begin page was not called
> but showpage was.  Didn't I read somewhere, that both are supposed to be
> called?

As far as I recall, in Postscript terms beginpage is not required.
However we can require the gnome-print apps to do a beginpage.
I think we should.


> Thanks,
> Mark
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