Re: [Gnome-print] CJK PDF support


We decided with Chema, that PDF driver is broken in more ways, that 
simply not displaying CJK/TTF/Fonts with > 256 glyphs. So it should
be fixed as a whole.
But there is IMHO currently no work in that direction happening, as
the whole gnome-print development is targeted towards gnome-2. If
we'll fix PDF there, we can hopefully backport...

Best wishes,
Lauris Kaplinski

On Tue, 2001-12-11 at 00:16, Yukihiro Nakai wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any progress for multibyte PDF support?
> I've made a simple hello world PDF in Japanese with gs-cjk project people,
> recently.
> Thanks
> --
> Yukihiro Nakai
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