[Gnome-print] No text/fonts printed

Hi all.

I'm hoping someone here can help me as I've had no luck so far.

Anything I try and print through the gnome print architecture has no
fonts.  The preview shows no text and neither does the output.

I am using Debian with the following package versions:

||/ Name           Version
libgnomeprint-bin   0.32-4
libgnomeprint-data  0.32-4
libgnomeprint-dev   0.32-4
libgnomeprint15     0.32-4
gs                  6.51-5
psfontmgr           0.9.1
defoma              0.9.1

I have tried removing and reinstalling these packages but to no avail.

When I look in /etc/gnome/fonts there a number of fontmaps there but it
doesn't seem to work.

Has anyone had a problem with this?


* Simon Wong *

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