Re: [Gnome-print] Metric file mismatch


On 25 Nov 2000 20:36:51 -0500, John Stracke wrote:
> Background: I'm working on a program to generate business cards.
> I need to do most of my own layout, so I need to measure the
> strings I'm printing, with gnome_font_get_width_string().  I
> currently don't have a UI for this program; I generate PostScript
> and view it with gv.
> The problem I'm finding is that the metrics files used by
> gnome-print and ghostscript for Times Roman don't quite match;
> "800-555-1212" is wider in gv than in gnome-print.  Is there any
> way I can configure gnome-print to find ghostscript's font files?
> If not, I'd like to add one.

All current font definitions reside in:
/usr/share/fonts/fontmap (OK, substitute you prefix for usr)

These are xml files, so you can easily edit it.

Depending on your printer resolution, there can another cause of
problem. Namely small differences, introduced by grid-fitting of glyphs.
Print preview uses plain metrics, read from afm files. Ghostscript
adjusts metrics, to fit exactly to given output resolution.
But that should generate visible differences only either for very
long string, or for very low resolutions, or for very small fonts.


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