Re: [Gnome-print] Metric file mismatch

Lauris Kaplinski wrote:

> > "800-555-1212" is wider in gv than in gnome-print.  Is there any
> > way I can configure gnome-print to find ghostscript's font files?
> > If not, I'd like to add one.
> All current font definitions reside in:
> /usr/share/fonts/fontmap (OK, substitute you prefix for usr)
> ~/.gnome/fonts/fontmap
> These are xml files, so you can easily edit it.


<dig, dig>...OK, it looks like gnome-font-install picked up the font file
from GhostScript, but the metrics file from gnome-print.

> Depending on your printer resolution, there can another cause of
> problem. [...]
> But that should generate visible differences only either for very
> long string, or for very low resolutions, or for very small fonts.

The difference is very visible (one character width); the string is not
very long; the resolution is about 100 dpi (the screen); the font size is
12 point.

It seems to be a difference in the width of '-'; since I posted last
night, I've added another string, with a single '-', and that overflows by
about half as much.

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