[Gnome-print] Re: Helix Code :-)

> We have loader - yes, but AFAIK, it cannot render hinted (i.e. small
> resolution) glyphs. Freetype can...

Sure, but the small glyph problem can be solved by using something
like the Hobby algorithm.

> Also average desktop user usually has more TTF than Type1 fonts (not
> sure) - there are more TTF collections (although usually low
> quality) available, and type1 fonts usually cost more (although are of
> better quality also).

Good fonts need hand-tuned hinting for TTF to be better than Type1
fonts.  That is where the Hobby method gives us the best of all
worlds: we do not need to implement hinting (which is btw, patented)
and the result is better than those that use hinting, and finally, we
do not depend on fonts being hand-tuned (ie, every font will look
good, even those that were not hinted by an expensive font foundry).


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