[Gnome-print] Re: Helix Code :-)

On 8 Jun 2000, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > So I'll start with that and break most programs using gnome-font ;) But
> > this gt1 stuff needs to be hidden ASAP and replaced with freetype.
> > So gnome-print will be depending on freetype2 - but this is inevitable, I
> > think.
> > Oh, I forgot - I'll merge FRGBA before :)
> > 
> Can FreeType be made an optional component?
> Ie, we do have a Type1 loader now that we can keep using.

We have loader - yes, but AFAIK, it cannot render hinted (i.e. small
resolution) glyphs. Freetype can...
Also average desktop user usually has more TTF than Type1 fonts (not
sure) - there are more TTF collections (although usually low
quality) available, and type1 fonts usually cost more (although are of
better quality also).

> Miguel.

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